Splice CEO、サンプリングについて語る

Splice CEOが、サンプリングは既に若いクリエイターにとって当然のように用いられる手法であると語ったニュースがMusicTech誌で取り上げられています。

“What’s cool about CoSo is ‘how do we use this technology to help people find the right inspiration?’ How can you listen to different combinations of sounds to spark something in you that helps you go in a new direction.”

Splice CEO on sampling: “It’s how young people create now”


Lil too much hate in here, you don’t have to build a stack then publish it as your own complete work. You could, but this is ultimately designed to be another creative playground for exploring sounds and combinations of music. If you like what you hear, then you could resample, add melody, whatever within your daw. I think it’s kinda dope

CoSo by Splice — Full App Walkthrough (iOS/Android) – YouTube


“We talk about authenticity, and we can also talk about provenance.” She says. “Where did the sound come from? Who created it? Are we appropriately being respectful to the genre and the artist? Appropriation is a big thing in the industry, so how are making sure we’re doing right and doing the fair thing for the artists and making sure that artists are being compensated”

Splice CEO on sampling: “It’s how young people create now”