MIXLANDのTILT! EQの機能縮小フリー版が freeTILT! として配布されています。


Free Plugin. Available now.
But before I get to that, I have to address the devastating events taking place in the Ukraine. Our hearts are heavy, and we are terribly confused as to why these things happen. We heavily debated postponing this release, as plugins just don’t seem important right now while our innocent brothers and sisters are losing their lives, families, and homes. After careful consideration, we realized that music is a force for unification, love, and growth, and we have decided to release this free creative tool as planned, with one additional request from you:
We ask that you please consider donating to help Ukraine to one of the following organizations to help provide aid for these people.
Additionally, we will provide a 100% off voucher for our other products to anyone and everyone that provides a proof of donation of any amount (please email those to mixlandaudio@gmail.com).

Free plugin. Donate to Ukraine.
Free plugin. Donate to Ukraine.





「macOSでは、確実にdeverloper IDを付しているのに依然認証を求めるポップアップが表示されるため、右クリックでインストーラーを起動してくれ」と書かれてます。これ、ダウンロードしたときに付加される「入手先」属性が原因ですね。ガイド通り右クリックで開いてもいいし、属性を消去してから開いてもOKです。