Arturia 20周年Box

Arturia - Overview
Arturia – Overview(アーカイブ)

内容はV Collection 7, FX Collectionm, Pigmentsで、いわば(ハードウェアを除く)全部入りと言うことができそう。


  • 250GB hard drive: A selection of the most inspiring software titles and sound packs with spare external storage to store your valuable music projects. Installation is quick and easy.
  • V Collection 7: 23 legendary instruments brought back to life, including analog synths, classic pianos, quirky keyboards, and digital polysynths, with over 8,000 awe-inspiring presets.
  • FX Collection: Circuit-accurate emulations of the most iconic effects and studio tools, supercharged with new features for modern production.
  • Pigments: A synth that combines incredible FM, virtual analog, sampling, and granular synth engines with unlimited modulation, packed full of presets made by big-name artists and sound designers.
  • 40 best-selling preset packs: Inspiring sounds from the Analog Lab and Pigments
Arturiaが、会社創立20周年を記念した限定パッケージ、「Sound Explorers Collection(サウンド・エクスプローラーズ・コレクション)」を発表しました。 「Sound Exp