Your brand of Hot Sauce

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Jack Daniel’s is the best-selling whiskey in the world. Because of this, we all know the “square” bottle, the black/white label, and all about Lynchburg [Pop.361], Tennessee.

Did you know Lynchburg is in “dry” country? Sure you did.

Did you know, since they can’t serve whiskey in Lynchburg, you’re served lemonade when you tour the distillery? Sure you did.

So why is Jack Daniel’s doing “non-whiskey” things like this?


And this?


Because people who like Jack Daniel’s whiskey also like meat! And if they’re going to get meat anyway, it might as well be from Jack Daniel…

Even if you’ve got a hot product that sells a lot, it can be a good idea to expand to other things.

So what do fans of your music like and they’d buy from you, if you were to offer it to them? If they’re the same type of people who like Jack Daniel’s, perhaps your own brand of hot sauce would be a good place to start.

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