Logic Pro : 追加コンテンツ のインストールが要求される

Logic Pro X 10.5にしてから…というのはたまたまのきっかけに過ぎないと思うんですが、そのタイミングで、既にダウンロード&インストールされているはずの 追加コンテンツ をインストールするよう求めてくるようになりました。




When all Logic Content is fully installed and correctly moved to the desired location using the “Relocate Sound Library” function within Logic and you still get the dreaded “Some additional content is needed for this project” prompt:
Don’t delete your logic prefs like an absolute madman! (okay, sometimes it’s a good way to solve issues, but not necessary here).
Instead, have Spotlight re-index the location at which the actual Logic content is located (So not the Logic-created Symlinks on your Mac HD, from using the Relocate Sound Library function, but the actual destination of the content).
And make sure that if said location was excluded from Spotlight Index to begin with.. (like my dumb self) that you actually re-add it and have Spotlight Index that location.

To let Spotlight Re-Index a disk or folder:
Open System Preferences -> Spotlight -> Privacy -> click “+” -> add the folder or disk containing the Logic Content Folder -> after it’s added, remove it again by clicking the “-“, this will prompt Spotlight to Re-Index said location.

So it seems Ultrabeat, Drum Machine Designer and the Drummer’s ability to properly find and access all the necessary samples is directly tied to Spotlight Index.
I definitely learned something new today! 😀
Oh yeah, I’m on Logic 10.4.8 still, I doubt the new 10.5 functions any differently, but hey, who knows.. Anyway, I wanted to resolve this issue before updating to 10.5 (after finishing some urgent projects, look at me being responsible) so that my shiny new Logic update wouldn’t still be plagued by this issue.

“Some additional content is needed for this project” [SOLVED] – Page 2 – Logic Pro Help